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LECTURE SERIES Winter 2018-19

SAC proudly announces the Lecture Series 2018-19! As in the past, our lecturers include a rich assortment of historians, theoreticians, and practitioners

Mike Bouchet, Marco Baravalle, Sanford Kwinter, Roberta Novielli, Isabella Pasqualini

Narratives in Boundless Space
Conversation, november 12, 6 pm (S.A.L.E-Docks, Dorsoduro 265, Venice)

Devyn Weiser & Peter Testa

Representational Objects
​Workshop, November 19-22

Daniel Norell

Mining Reality
LECTURE, December 6

Objects, Groups, Couplings
Workshop, DECEMBER 5-7

Jonathan Sutano, KAi Xun Wu, Victor Sardenberg, Estefania Muñoz, Valentina Knezevic and guests

Alumni Event, December 8, 5 PM

Johannes Helberger - Kling Klang Klong

Acoustic Scenography
LECTURE, January 16

Hernán Díaz Alonso

LECTURE January 23

Luciana Parisi

Against nature: the technological consciousness of architectural design
​LECTURE, February 4

Discussion about design and technological consciousness
​Seminar, FEBRUARY 5

Michael Young

Entourage, Poche, Mosaique
workshop, february 6-8

Fear of the mediated image
lecture, FEBRUARY 6