Städelschule Architecture Foundation

The Stiftung Städelschule für Baukunst (SSfB) supports the Architecture Class at the Städelschule and achieves its statutory objectives by means of supporting enabling prizes, publications and events. “The aim of the Foundation is to monitor, research and scientifically support the changing relationship between landscape, architecture, design and art by promoting education, art and culture at home and abroad.”

The SSfB was established in 2001 by Günter Bock who ran the Architecture Class from 1972 to 1984.  Among other things Günter Bock is credited with making the Architecture Class more international.


The Foundation has awarded the Günter Bock Prize annually since 2011. This prize is awarded to outstanding first-year architecture students at the Städelschule. The award is given in conjunction with the Dean’s Honorary Lecture after the final examinations. The € 3,000 prize is intended to support winners in the second year of their masters course. Previous winners are listed here.

As well as the Günter Bock Prize, the SSfB has offered an architecture prize regularly since 2002. This award recognises work whose conception reflects the spirit of the Foundation’s charter and which is multidisciplinary or transdisciplinary in nature, transcends the boundaries of disciplines, and concerns landscape, urban planning or spatial design qualities in general.

On the Foundation’s initiative various publications, have been published since the Foundation was established. Architectural Theory. Ruminations of an Old Hand is a collection of theoretical articles by its founder Günter Bock. The publication Architecture & Theory came out of a symposium of the same name at which participants discussed all kinds of positions, working methods and the geocultural origins of the tension between practice and theory.

Events run or funded by the SSfB also include lecture series and alumni gatherings linked to exhibitions and reports on the work of former Städel students.


To be successful in its endeavours, the Foundation is reliant upon financial support. By making a donation you are safeguarding future prizes, events and projects. Donations are tax deductible and are confirmed by a donation receipt.

Stiftung Städelschule für Baukunst
​IBAN: DE38 5005 0201 0200 3710 96

The SSfB is also always delighted to add new supporters to its ranks.


The following members are currently involved in the Foundation:

Board: Prof. Johan Bettum (Chairman, Frankfurt a.M.), Annika Etter (Frankfurt a.M.), Sergiusch Godulla (Deputy Chairman, Kronberg i.Ts.)

Advisory board: Sylvia Fadenhecht (Frankfurt a.M.), Claudia Meixner (Frankfurt a.M.), Jürgen Riehm (New York/Frankfurt a.M.), Prof. Ulrich Scheffler (Chairman of the Advisory Board, Frankfurt a.M.), Prof. Dr. Kai Vöckler (Offenbach a.M.)

Corresponding Advisory Board: Prof. Ben van Berkel (Frankfurt a.M.), Prof. Daniel Birnbaum (Stockholm), Matthias Böttger (Berlin), Prof. Sir Peter Cook (London), Dr. Niklas Maak (Frankfurt a.M.), Peter Cachola Schmal, (Frankfurt a.M.), Prof. Mark Wigley (New York)