Situated in one half of an early 20th-century town house next to the main building of the Städelschule, SAC provides a near domestic setting for the social and academic life of its members. The house offers ample space for each student and sees three to ten students share an atmospheric studio space. The administrative and faculty office, the model workshops and seminar rooms are housed on the floors below the studios. The studios provide space for work, deskcrits and informal and social gatherings. They are equipped with basic furniture and internet access. In 2013 SAC moved into additional studios in the neighbourhood, only a five minutes walk away. Currently the Master Thesis Group is occupying the new address whereas students in first year inhabit the town house. 

The daily life of SAC consists bustling studio activities interspersed with numerous events taking place on a weekly basis. Work typically runs late into the evenings and meetings as well as seminars sometimes take place on weekends. Visiting lecturers and other guests frequently drop in on the studios, and some of the most memorable visits have included planned or improvised discussion about the ongoing work with these guests. 

On the ground floor are two seminar rooms, one small and one large. In these meetings, seminars, internal lectures and reviews take place. SAC's hospitality frequently sees alumni and other guests take part in seminars and events.


Städelschule's facilities offer a Printshop and a Wood and Ceremics workshop for model making.  

​In addition, the architecture class has an in-house model-making workshop supervised by Stefan Wieland as well as a 3D printing workshop with studio style rapid prototype machines (5 Ultimaker 3D printers) and a robot workshop (UR3 and UR5). 


Städelschule has a long and unique tradition of including food as part of the art and architecture education. Legendary professor Peter Kubelka was groundbreaking when introducing food and cooking as part of his teaching already in the 1970’s. This tradition is carried on in a variety of forms by the art classes as well as SAC. For more details on activities at SAC, see Culinary Lessons.

For more information: Mensa, Städelschule's canteen and Cooking workshops.