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Rundgang 2019 - Master Thesis Studio: AAD

21 February 2019
RUNDGANG 2019 - MASTER THESIS Studio: AAD ALL IS ARCHITECTURE 21 FEBRUARY 2019 MASTER THESIS STUDIO: ADVANCED ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN Advanced Architectural Design (AAD) engages with architecture as the sensual and critical interplay of individual and collective imaginations, material forms and inhabitable space, as well as flows of technologically mediated processes and effects. AAD sees architectural design as a vital and vanguard force in the transformation and future of urban culture, capable of responding to and staging individual and collective interests, private and public desires as well as social and political realities. “When your house contains such a complex of piping, flues, ducts, wires, lights, inlets, outlets, ovens, sinks, refuse disposers, hi-fi reverberators, antennae, conduits, freezers, heaters – when it contains so many services that the hardware could stand up by itself without any assistance from the house, why have a house to hold it up?” - Reyner Banham, 1965 ALL IS ARCHITECTURE In 1965, an article titled “A Home is not a House” by Reyner Banham and François Dallegret, served as provocation to the discipline of architecture. What Banham and Dallegret highlighted is the paradoxical relationship between the representation of the thing and thing itself. The modern house idealised in depiction and discourse remained without acknowledgement of all the technological apparatuses that enabled contemporary living. In an expressive articulation of the complexity of services within a home, Banham and Dallegret illustrated this paradox with “architectures” constructed only of domestic infrastructures. This proto-architecture was not a house or blueprint for a future home but rather a series of constructs that served to ask more informed questions of spatial and cultural practice of the day. Beyond representation was the acknowledgment of architecture as infrastructure.  If we consider our contemporary condition today we see environments that are real-time, machine learned and operating in a world where we are the subjects of enquiry. Our observations of the world are constructed through the technological apparatuses that observe and offer an illusionary image of our desires. Architecture today holistically serves as the stage set for these observations.  Our everyday is understood through algorithms and behavioural responses set in domestic and habitual settings of the everyday. If we play the same game that Banham and Dallegret played on Modernism, we can examine a framework for architecture that is emotive, social and beyond building. The studio looks to explore the evolving relationships that we have with techne of technology in an attempt to experiment and construct space.  Studio Leader: Prof. Theodore Spyropoulos PhD. Technical and Studio Assistants: Ivan Tavarez Blanco, Christos Voutichtis  Students: Thoufiq Ahmed, Sara Ather, Jeevika Bassan, Yunus Emre Demirkiran, Divya, Fiorella Gomez Silva Lozano, Harshitha Gowda Chamaraja, Ashwin Bharathi Velupillai Sugumar    
End of sem


20-22. February 2019
END-OF-SEMESTER REVIEWS  20 February 2019 SAC closes its winter semester with the End-of-Semester Reviews. The First Semester Group presents its work on February 20 and the Master Thesis Studios follow on February 21-22.  FACULTY Peter Trummer Theodore Spyropoulos Yara Feghali Johan Bettum Stefan Wieland GUESTS  Oliver Elser Hélène Frichot Isabella Pasqualini Bence Pap Mike Bouchet
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SAC Rundgang in Feuilleton Frankfurt

19 February 2019
Check out Petra Kammann's article about SAC's Rundgang: Photo Credits: Yara Feghali
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Rundgang 2019 - First Semester Group

19 February 2019
RUNDGANG 2019 - FIRST SEMESTER GROUP  19 FEBRUARY 2019 LEAKY STUFF, HALLWAY SECOND FLOOR ‘Leaky stuff’ is an exploration into realism. It presupposes that architectural representation is rendered ambiguous through aesthetic leakages. A leak is defined as the slippage that happens when multiple realms of representation coexist in a single image or architectural space. The design studio aims to introduce students to various design procedures and strategies that co-opt aesthetic leakages as part of their conceptual and strategic development. Moreover, the studio aims to generate a critical discussion on presumed standards and conventions of aesthetics in architecture.  Leakiness transgresses political and economic constructs by being inclusive. It embodies and delivers an aesthetic of fluidity and is specific to contemporary technology. Leakiness sees different regimes of aesthetics coexist and cancels out the previous binary opposition between different representational regimes that previously existed in sequential exclusiveness. The studio has engaged with a varied spectrum of design mediums, from Neural Style Transfer to Photogrammetry, to generate lush yet detailed design outcomes. These have been situated in the context of existing buildings in Frankfurt, seeing existing and new aesthetic expressions co-mingle, mix, and transform into something new. The First Semester Group has gained technical expertise and design training outside the studio programme courtesy of a workshop given by Daniel Norell. Studio Leader: Yara Feghali with Prof. PhD. Johan Bettum Students:  Amr Abdellatif, Rami Al-Rashidani, Sudhir Ambasana, Palak Arora, Moritz Brüggemann, Prashant Chavan, Vinit Dharia, Chi-Han Feng, Nathaniel Frempong, Navid Hajialiakbarghomi, Ainsley Johnston, Golnaz Khosrawani, Anmol Kumar, Srivastava Niket, Srikrishnan Pandurangan, Kanika Patil, Luiseny Ramírez Díaz, Suhandhan Ravee, Seyedeh Parmida Razavi, Saakib Sait, Aniket Shah, Prapatsorn Sukkaset, Raj Tambade, Shivani Tawde, Yin Tse Tseng, Hamit Türk, Özge Yaktubay, Jennifer Yu LABORATORIO FÜR NIEDERTRACHT UND SINNLICHKEIT 7 The sculptures shown in the studios on the second floor were created by the first semester students during a two-week workshop led by the Frankfurt artists and Städelschule alumni Sebastian Stöhrer and Stefan Wieland. The white sculptures are made from randomly found things that are then hidden under layers of newspaper and white paint, formulating a new body in mass and composition. The figures express an inverted hide-and-seek. With the objects in ceramics, students aimed to analyse, elaborate and extend their engagement with emergent architectural and visual properties and forms in the white paper sculptures. Sculpture Workshop Leaders: Sebastian Stöhrer and Stefan Wieland Students:  Amr Abdellatif, Rami Al-Rashidani, Sudhir Ambasana, Palak Arora, Moritz Brüggemann, Prashant Chavan, Vinit Dharia, Chi-Han Feng, Nathaniel Frempong, Navid Hajialiakbarghomi, Ainsley Johnston, Golnaz Khosrawani, Anmol Kumar, Srivastava Niket, Srikrishnan Pandurangan, Kanika Patil, Luiseny Ramírez Díaz, Suhandhan Ravee, Seyedeh Parmida Razavi, Saakib Sait, Aniket Shah, Prapatsorn Sukkaset, Raj Tambade, Shivani Tawde, Yin Tse Tseng, Hamit Türk, Özge Yaktubay, Jennifer Yu 19LINK1 ENTRANCE The sculpture 19LiNK1, reminiscent of a handrail, is a work conceived to be modified and expanded as it is iterated for Rundgang over the next three years (20LINK2 and 21LINK3 in 2020 and 2021). The 24 metres long, bright orange outdoor sculpture, constructed by the students of the first semester, leads from  Städelschule’s main building to SAC, stretching along the small path that wriggles its way from the courtyard to the brick wall. The work defines the transition from Städelschule to SAC, linking the two buildings while at the same time guiding visitors to Dürerstrasse 24. Concept: Stefan Wieland Students:  Amr Abdellatif, Rami Al-Rashidani, Sudhir Ambasana, Palak Arora, Moritz Brüggemann, Prashant Chavan, Vinit Dharia, Chi-Han Feng, Nathaniel Frempong, Navid Hajialiakbarghomi, Ainsley Johnston, Golnaz Khosrawani, Anmol Kumar, Srivastava Niket, Srikrishnan Pandurangan, Kanika Patil, Luiseny Ramírez Díaz, Suhandhan Ravee, Seyedeh Parmida Razavi, Saakib Sait, Aniket Shah, Prapatsorn Sukkaset, Raj Tambade, Shivani Tawde, Yin Tse Tseng, Hamit Türk, Özge Yaktubay, Jennifer Yu
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15-17. February 2019
STÄDELSCHULE RUNDGANG 2019 15-17. FEBRUARY 2019 Programme Floorplan  Dürerstraße 24, ground floor Modelling Workshop - 3D printing demonstrations,  Robot Lab - Robot demonstrations,  Seminar Room - Group exhibition, Master Thesis Studio Advanced Architectural Design (Professor Theodore Spyropoulos), “All is Architecture” Dürerstraße 24, first floor  Lounge (Coffee and snacks)  VR Lab - Demonstration of works in virtual reality Project Room - Group exhibition, students in Master Thesis Studio Architecture and Aesthetic Practice (Exhibition curated by Hannah Katalin Grimmer and Sarah Heuberger), “What Orthography Was” Dürerstraße 24, second floor  Sculpture exhibition of students in the First Semester Group, “Laboratorio für Niedertracht und Sinnlichkeit 7”, Ateliers/studios  Current projects First Semester Group, “Leaky Stuff” hallway Dürerstraße 10, first floor, room I9 Group exhibition Master Thesis Studio Architecture and Urban Design (Guest professor Peter Trummer), “1 square mile city” Outdoor, between Dürerstraße 10 und 24  Sculpture, 19LINK1, Project of First Semester Group
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Check out the SAC YouTube account

14 February 2019
Check out our SAC YouTube account to see our latest lectures updated from Fall and Spring 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.
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06 February 2019
We are happy to announce that Michael Young (Young & Ayata / Cooper Union) is returning to SAC for a three-day workshop from Feb 6-8, 2019. Additionally, he will give a public lecture on February 6 at 19:00 in Städelschule.
Young   ayata   sonic hut   collector



24 January 2019
In order to have some modicum of hope for architectural discourse and pedagogy within this image deluge, it may be necessary to question several of our disciplinary assumptions regarding the fear of the image. Specifically, we may need to look a little closer at photography's relation to realism, at digital vs. mechanical reproduction, and at the ties between aesthetics and politics when considering images. Michael Young is an architect and educator practicing in New York City where he is a founding partner of the architectural design studio Young & Ayata. Photo © Young & Ayata
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23 January 2019
Since 2015 Hernan Diaz Alonso is the director of SCI-Arc. In parallel to his role at SCI-Arc, Diaz Alonso is principal of the Los Angeles–based HAD-x (Hernan Diaz Alonso creative agency). His multi-disciplinary practice is praised for its work at the intersection of design, animation, interactive environments, fashion and speculative architectural explorations. In his lecture Diaz Alonso will speak about the work of his office over the last 15 years. Photo © Hernán Díaz Alonso


22 January 2019
SAC is honoured to welcome Hernán Díaz Alonso, the director of SCI-Arc, for a lecture tomorrow night at Städelschule. In his lecture Díaz Alonso will speak about the work of his office for the last 15 years.
Klingklangklong johannes helberger portrait colcor

Johannes Helberger - Acoustic Scenography

16 January 2019
SAC retakes its winter semester lecture series after a short seasonal break and welcomes Johannes Helberger from KLING KLANG KLONG for a lecture on spatial sound and its effects on the human and the environment.
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Daniel Norell - Objects, Groups, Couplings


18 December 2018
Our First Semester Group has been working together with Daniel Norell within the framework of his workshop "Objects, Groups, Couplings". Daniel Norell is an architect, researcher and educator based in Stockholm. He is co-founder of the collaborative architecture practice Norell/Rodhe. Furthermore, Daniel is Director of the Master’s Programme in Architecture and Urban Design at Chalmers University in Gothenburg and has previously taught at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Katakombe - Alumni event

06 December 2018
Katakombe is an evening event organised by alumni of the Städelschule Architecture Class, inspired by the format of a Salon Talk and an old but lost tradition at the Städelschule to meet professionals, scholars, students and friends to have an interdisciplinary discourse about current work.
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Technical Modelling / VR Workshop

27 November 2018
This modelling workshop investigates the ambiguous relationship between designers' bodily movements in physical space when making figures in the digital, immersive space of virtual reality. The workshop is given by our teacher and research associate Yara Feghali.
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Daniel Norell

Mining Reality

23 November 2018
Daniel Norell MINING REALITY LECTURE, 6 DECEMBER 2018 Architecture has always operated between an abstract world of representations and the grittiness of the real world. Today, we find ourselves in a contemporary landscape where the distinction between these two categories is being challenged. Architects can increasingly ‘record’ samples of the real and use them as starting points for design. Similarly, our vision of the real may be augmented with layers of design and information. This leaves us in a situation where high tech and low tech, the visionary and the mundane, digital and analogue, as well as representation and reality exist in a messy state of continuity. Daniel Norell is an architect, researcher and educator based in Stockholm. He is co-founder, with Einar Rodhe, of the collaborative architecture practice Norell/Rodhe. The practice frequently participates in publications and exhibitions and their work has recently been shown at Yale University School of Architecture, the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale, and ArkDes - Sweden’s national centre for architecture and design. Norell/Rodhe are recipients of grants from The Swedish Arts Grants Committee and The Swedish Research Council. Daniel is Director of the Master’s Programme in Architecture and Urban Design at Chalmers University in Gothenburg and has previously taught at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He holds master’s degrees in architecture from University of California, Los Angeles and the KTH.

Damjan Jovanovic, SAC 2014

Appointed for Design Faculty at Sci-Arc, Los Angeles

21 November 2018
A graduate of SAC, tutor and research associate at SAC is appointed for the Design Faculty at SCI-Arc, Los Angeles. He finished his Master of Arts in Architecture degree at the Städelschule with a thesis that won the AIV Master Thesis Prize in 2014. His interests lie with computational design and his work explores relations between the computational medium and aesthetics.



16-22. November 2018
DEVYN WEISER & PETER TESTA  REPRESENTATIONAL OBJECTS 19- 22 NOVEMBER 2018 The Representational Objects workshop is structured as an anti-reductionist thought experiment exploring new modalities and working methods by which architecture makes architecture and the city. Situated within contemporary discourse on appropriation and representation, this short course seeks advance a new generic orientation and epistemology specific to architecture. Indifferent to difference, this new generic does not rely on analysis, breaking the object down into discrete units and deducing operations of the whole from a series of genetic, or generative elements, and processes. Rather than going from the real or the world to architecture via abstraction (modernism) and diagramming (post-structuralism), a non-standard epistemology is proposed that appropriates architecture as an integrated or ‘non-manipulable object’ and uses the specific arrangement of things as a bridge towards the real. Devyn Weiser is founding partner of the architecture and design practice Testa & Weiser, and Design Faculty and Visual Studies Coordinator at SCI-Arc in Los Angeles. She is widely recognized as an international design leader, working at the intersection of the digital and physical, art and architecture.  Weiser's work is exhibited at leading museums and galleries worldwide including recent installations in Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, and Beijing. The firm’s work was featured as one of twenty groundbreaking architectural projects of the early 21st century in the group show ‘Archeology of the Digital’ at the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA). Devyn Weiser holds a B.F.A. and B.Arch from the Rhode Island School of Design; and a MS.AAD from Columbia University, GSAPP. Peter Testa is Principal at Testa & Weiser, and Senior Design Faculty at SCI-Arc. At Testa & Weiser he leads a wide range of projects for some of the world’s most innovative companies and institutions. His firm’s work is part of the permanent collection of the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) and exhibited worldwide including recent installations in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, and Tokyo. His writings on design and theory are widely published in international art, architecture, and design journals. Previously Peter Testa  was Associate Professor of Architecture at MIT, and Columbia University GSAPP. He has taught design studios at several schools including Harvard University GSD and University of Pennsylvania; and appointed to the Esherick Professorship at the University of California, Berkeley. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture, and Master of Science in Architecture (History/Theory/Criticism) from MIT. He is recipient of numerous awards including the MIT Innovation Award, New York Metropolitan Arts Society Architecture Award, and the Design Arts Award of the National Endowment for the Arts. In 2016 Testa & Weiser’s work was featured as one of twenty canonical projects in ‘Archeology of the Digital’ at the CCA and Yale. His critically acclaimed collection of essays and projects, “Robot House,” was published by Thames & Hudson in Summer 2017.
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Narratives in Boundless Space

Performing Architecture, S.A.L.E. Docks, Venice

14 November 2018
NARRATIVES IN BOUNDLESS SPACE PERFORMING ARCHITECTURE, S.A.L.E. DOCKS, VENICE 12 NOVEMBER 2018 NARRATIVES IN BOUNDLESS SPACE, by Johan Bettum, Stefan Wieland, Yara Feghali with Marco Baravalle, Piter Perbellini and Architecture and Aesthetic Practice. The installation counts nine projects, produced by students of Architecture and Aesthetic Practice. Within the installation, the projects are presented on physical islands under hovering clouds—both digitally abstracted from the urban fabric of Venice. SAC was also hosting a conversation in connection to the opening of "Narratives in Boundless Space" with Mike Bouchet, Marco Baravalle, Sanford Kwinter, Isabella Pasqualini on November 12 at the S.A.L.E.-DOCKS in Venice.  Acoustic consultancy: Johannes Helberger, Kling Klang Klong  Projects: Prateek Bajpai, Soubhi Baraghit, Mijail Alexei Franulic Sippa, Haewook Jeong, Suyoung Ko, Soonam Lee, Amelia Marek, Panagis Marketos, Yeon Joo Oh, Jun Eui Song, Chawapol Watcharasukarn, André Zakhia.


09 November 2018
SAC First Semester Group was working with Sebastian Stöhrer and Stefan Wieland, experimenting with clay in the first part of the workshop, while the second part was dedicated to material-experimentation.
Graduation photo prashant chavan

SAC Graduation – Class of 2018

09 November 2018
We congratulate all graduates on successfully completing their studies at SAC! The graduation ceremony was held on 19th of October where the graduates received their diplomas, followed by the award ceremony for the AIV Master Thesis Prize, a joint dinner and a party hosted by the new students of SAC. The graduation speech was held by Theodore Spyropoulos, the Director of the Architectural Association’s Design Research Lab (AADRL) in London and Professor for AAD at SAC. Photo © Prashant Chavan

Günther Bock Prize - Award Ceremony

06 November 2018
On October 29, the Nassauische Heimstaette, sponsor of the Günter Bock Prize, invited the recipients Soonam Lee and André Zakhia to an award ceremony in Frankfurt. The event included an exchange and get-together with architecture students of the TU Darmstadt who received the Ernst-May-Prize 2018. Congratulations!
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SAC Journal 4 is OUT

Culinary Lessons: The Space of Food

04 November 2018
SAC Journal 4: Culinary Lessons - The Space of Food has been released. The issue features extensive documentation of the programme, Culinary Lessons, which ran at SAC for two years. In addition it includes a number of essays on topics related to food, art and architecture by invited guests. For subscription to our Journal visit
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LECTURE SERIES Winter Semester 2018-19

2 November 2018 - 8 February 2019
SAC proudly presents its visitors programme for the winter semester. The guests will offer workshops or seminars to SAC students and some also public lectures.
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Narratives in Boundless Space - Venice

2-18. November 2018
Narratives in Boundless Space comprises of dramatic reflections in virtual reality on Venice in the age of hyper-consumption of images. The installation counts nine projects, produced by students of Johan Bettum in Städelschule Architecture Class. Within the installation, the projects are presented on physical islands under hovering clouds - both digitally abstracted from the urban fabric of Venice. SAC was also hosting a conversation in connection to the opening of "Narratives in Boundless Space" with Mike Bouchet, Marco Baravalle, Sanford Kwinter, Isabella Pasqualini on November 12 at 6 pm at the S.A.L.E.-DOCKS in Venice.
Prashsant seminar  1

Seminar Series with Hélène Frichot

02 November 2018
SAC welcomes Hélène Frichot as she joins to offer students in the Master Thesis Studios a series of seminars during the winter semester. The series will focus on problems related to technology and architecture. In addition, Frichot will guide the Master Thesis students in the process of meeting with their written submission in theory for their Master degree. During each visit at SAC, Frichot will also spend some time with the First Semester Group to contribute to the ongoing seminar discussions for these students. Frichot is an architect and philosopher, writer and critic, and Professor of Architecture in Critical Studies and Gender Theory, as well as Director of Critical Studies in Architecture at the KTH School of Architecture in Stockholm. She is the author of several books and many essays that focuses on her theoretical interests, often in the context of Deleuzian theory, and her forthcoming book on Bloomsbury is titled, Creative Ecologies.
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Semester Start

12 September 2018
SAC commences the new academic year 2018-2019 on October 15. We are looking forward to welcoming our new students soon and to see our second-year-group again after the summer break.
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End-of-Year Reviews 2018 - First Year Group

13 August - 27 June 2018
The students end their one-year long research and experimentations with a final design proposal which they present to a jury consitisting of SAC faculty member and invited guests: David Ruy | Daniel Norell | Kathrin Aste | Melike Altinisik | Adil Bokhari | Mark Wigley | Beatriz Colomina | Wolf D. Prix | Daniel Birnbaum | Peter Trummer | Theodore Spyropoulos | Damjan Jovanovic and Johan Bettum
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Günter Bock Prize Winners 2018

26 July - 29 June 2018
This year’s Günter Bock Prize was awarded to SAC first year students Soonam Lee and André Zakhia for their outstanding mapping project of Venice, Italy. The prize is generously supported by the Stiftung Städelschule für Baukunst and the Nassauische Heimstätte Wohnungs- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH.
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9 July - 15 October 2018
SAC is currently on summer break. The courses for the winter semester start again on October 15. In the meantime, SAC wishes everyone a happy summer vacation!
Breaking glass feature black

Breaking Glass

Symposium: Virtual Reality and Becoming a Subject through Art and Architecture

9-26. May 2018
Easy rider

Easy rider

06 April 2018
SAC tutor Damjan Jovanovic and SAC alumni 2013 Theron Burger are presenting their Augmented Reality project Superimposition at the 11. Licher Filmfest Frankfurt International. Visit this weekend!

Adil Bokhari, SAC 2015

Appointed Research Fellow at ETH Zurich

14 March 2018
A graduate of SAC and mentor who taught at SAC, Dessau Institute of Architecture and currently Guest professor at Peter Behrens School of Arts in Düsseldorf is appointed research fellow with Prof. Ludger Hovestadt for the Doctoral Program in Architecture & Technology at ETH.
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Sarath Saitongin, SAC 2018

coverage in the architectural review

09 March 2018
The work of SAC 2018 student Sarath Saitongin 'Through a glass lightly' was published in the December 2017/January 2018 issue of the Architectural Review.
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AAP’s project 'Narratives in Boundless Space' @ Venice Biennale 2018.

07 March 2018
'Narratives in Boundless Space' brings virtual reality to Venice in November for Goethe Institute’s programme, Performing Architecture 2018.
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AAD Study Trip to London

05 March 2018
The study trip includes visits to Zaha Hadid's Office, Richard Rogers office's archive, Minimaforms, the DRL at the AA and Mario Carpo's Phd students. SAC students attended a 3D modelling workshop of polymodeling, animation and inflation strategies.
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27 February 2018
As of February 26 SAC takes its semester break. The summer semester commences on April 3 and ends with final thesis reviews from June 27-29.

Ferda Kolatan at SAC

13 February 2018
SAC is welcoming Ferda Kolatan who is returning to SAC this week to give a lecture and a seminar. His public lecture HYBRIDS AND MISFITS takes place this Thursday, Feb 15 at 19:00 in Städelschule Aula.
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End-of-Semester Reviews

31 January 2018
SAC’s winter semester closes with End-of-Semester Reviews. The First Semester Group presents its work on 20-21. February and the Master Thesis Studios follow on 22-23. February.
2018 karte

SAC Prepares Rundgang 2018

31 January 2018
This year’s Rundgang, Städelschule’s Open House Exhibition, opens February 8 and runs with a dense programme through February 11. SAC will showcase work produced in its Master Thesis Studios as well as the First Semester Group. More details to come.


09 January 2018
SAC wishes all its collaborators, partners, students and faculty a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2018!
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20 December 2017
SAC is presenting a lecture and seminar series during winter semester 2017-18.
2013 fyg mid term review 01 ck kopie


15 December 2017
The Mid-Term Reviews for SAC students will take place on 18-21 December.
Img 7277 copy


01 December 2017
Our marvellous workshop culminates with a public event on Friday, December 1, 5 pm, where a jury will select the best creation amongst the work exhibited.
 the architecture of sugar invitation3 final 1


24 November 2017
The workshop is led by Rolf Stålberg, an architect and specialist in the sugar craft and by Charlotte Birnbaum, a culinary historian and publisher of a series of books on various food and related topics.


24 November 2017
The AIV Master Thesis Prize for one of the most excellent architectural design proposals this year has been given to Viviane Komati, Lida Badafareh and Min Jeongsun.
A4 plakat ws 201718

Städelschule Lectures and Events: Winter Term 2017/18

24 November 2017

Keller Easterling

24 October 2017
SAC welcomes Keller Easterling for a seminar conducted with the students of Städelschule. The seminar will be held on October 27 and 28, 2017.

Peter Cachola Schmal: Graduation Speech

19 October 2017
SAC proudly announces that Peter Cachola Schmal, the director of the German Architecture Museum since 2006, will address the Class of 2017 in his Graduation Speech during the Graduation Ceremony this Friday.

Introduction Week 2017-18

13 October 2017
SAC will be announcing the 2017-18 academic programme during its traditional Introduction Week, starting Monday 16.10. SAC looks greatly forward to welcome new and returning students.

Günter Bock Prize

22 August 2017
The Günter Bock Prize for the most outstanding first year group project this year has been given to Jose Luis Arias Reynoso and Shuruq Tramontini.

AIV Master Thesis Prize

22 August 2017
The jury will meet beginning of October and the AIV master thesis prize will be awarded on October 20, 2017.

SAC Summer Break

12 July 2017
Since the final reviews of the First Year Group and the Master Thesis Group in July, SAC is on summer break. The programme shall recommence on Monday October 16, 2017.


08 July 2017
The Städelschule dean, Professor Philippe Pirotte, and the Städelschule Architecture Class are proud to announce this year’s Dean’s Honorary Lecturer: Farshid Moussavi. The lecture will be held on July 13 at 19:00 in the Städelschule Aula.


08 July 2017
The award ceremony for the Günter Bock Prize 2017 takes place on July 13 at 18:30 in the Städelschule Aula. The prize is made possible with the generous support of the foundation, Stiftung Städelschule für Baukunst.

Master Thesis Projects

08 July 2017
SAC reviews this year's Master Thesis Projects in Städelschule Aula on Thursday 13 and Friday 14 July. The review sees Mirco Becker as the external examiner. He is joined by Benjamin Reynolds and SAC faculty on the review panel.

Dean’s Honorary Lecture: FARSHID MOUSSAVI

24 June 2017
The Dean’s Honorary Lecture by Sir Peter Cook is unfortunately cancelled. Instead, Farshid Moussavi will give this year’s honorary lecture. Her lecture on June 29 is therefore rescheduled.

Mark Wigley and Beatriz Colomina's Seminar with FYG

08 June 2017
SAC kindly welcomes Mark Wigley and Beatriz Colomina for the third seminar conducted with the FYG. The seminar will be held on the 10th and 11th of June 2017.
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22 May 2017
This year's Rundgang will be celebrated in the framework of the 200 year anniversary of Städelschule. It will start on June 1 and for five days all students of Städelschule open their studios to share their artistic practice with visitors and guests of the Rundgang.

Applications for 2017/18 intake

09 May 2017
SAC has closed its admission process for the upcoming academic year 2017/18. However, at the discretion of the admission committee, outstanding applications can still be considered. Click on our Apply Now section for more information.

Stefan Wieland Joins SAC Staff

21 February 2017
The artist Stefan Wieland joins SAC to run the in-house workshops. Wieland is a Frankfurt-based artist producing paintings, sculptures and lamps. His work is widely exhibited. Wieland studied at the Städelschule under Thomas Bayrle.

SAC Semester Break

21 February 2017
As of 20. February SAC takes its semester break. The summer semester commences 20. March and ends with final thesis review on 13-14. July.

Mark Wigley and Beatriz Colomina's Seminar with FYG

06 January 2017
SAC kicks off the start of the new year with FYG seminars by Mark Wigley and Beatriz Colomina. Seminars are conducted on the 9th and 10th of January 2017.


15 December 2016
SAC gladly welcomes back David Ruy as a guest jury for our Midterm Reviews.
Img 7882


08 December 2016
SAC Thanks guests, students and faculty who were involved with the Weinachtsfeier 2016! There are currently a few pieces of sculptures still left to be purchased. Kindly contact us for more information.

Applications for 2017/2018 Intake

24 November 2016
Applications for our 2017/2018 intake are NOW OPEN! Early Bird Deadline: January 15, 2017. Final Deadline: April 15, 2017. Extended Deadline: April 30, 2017. Click on our Apply Now section for more information.


24 November 2016
Mid Term Reviews will commence as the following : 15-16 December 2016 (First Year Group) & 19-20 December 2016 (Master Thesis Group).

Spatial Thought by Daniel Birnbaum & Sven-Olov Wallenstein

10 November 2016
Superhumanity, a project by e-flux Architecture at the 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial, features a piece by Sven-Olov Wallenstein and Städelschule Professor Daniel Birnbaum.
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First Year Group Workshop with Sebastian Stöhrer and Stefan Wieland

04 November 2016
Sebastian Stöhrer and Stefan Wieland conduct a workshop with our First Year Group from the 24th of October to the 3rd of November 2016.
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29 October 2016
CONVIVIUMEPULUM , from the Latin "living together" and "public celebration," is a gourmet-discursive evening. Set in Venice, the event brings together culinary and other experts, local and foreign traditions, and performance art.
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3rd Istanbul Design Biennial: ‘Are We Human?'

28 October 2016
SAC congratulates Mark Wigley and Beatriz Colomina on the opening of the 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial: ‘Are We Human?’ Colomina and Wigley soon return to SAC to give the First Year Group a series of seminars.


21 October 2016
SAC proudly announces the AIV Master Thesis Prize winners to be Kaushambi Mate, Jorge Ruiz and Wonseok Chae.
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Peter Cachola Schmal: Graduation Speech

20 October 2016
SAC proudly announces that Peter Cachola Schmal, the director of the German Architecture Museum since 2006 and curator for this year’s German Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, will address the Class of 2016 in his Graduation Speech during the Graduation Ceremony in DAM this Friday. Schmal is also, amongst other, on the steering committee for the Mies van der Rohe Award as well as in the committee for the European Prize for Urban Public Space.
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Mind Your Tools: Form Magazine Interview with Damjan Jovanovic

14 October 2016
The architectural magazine Form has published an extensive interview with Damjan Jovanovic about the projects done in the First Year Group of 2015-16.

SAC Introduction Week and Masther Thesis Jury

11 October 2016
SAC's traditional Introduction Week, starting October 17., welcomes the new group of students at SAC. On October 20., the second year programme is presented and a jury reviews this year's last batch of Master Thesis Projects.

Start of Semester

12 September 2016
SAC looks forward to the recommencement of its programme on October 17, 2016 when it welcomes a new batch of students. Second-year studios will be presented on Thursday, October 20.
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12 September 2016
SAC welcomes Cristina Díaz Moreno & Efrén Ga Grinda of amid.cero9 starting fall semester 2016.

Graduation Ceremony 2016

12 September 2016
SAC 2016 Graduation Ceremony takes place in the German Architecture Museum (DAM), Friday, 21.10, 18:00. The event includes the ceremony for the AIV Master Thesis Prize, and DAM's director, Peter Cachola Schmal, gives the Graduation Speech. The event is open to the public.
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Damjan Jovanovic and Adil Bokhari at the Architecture In Play Conference in Lisbon

12 September 2016
FYG tutors, Damjan Jovanovic and Adil Bokhari were invited to an international architecture conference in Lisbon, Portugal to present their paper titled "Games as a model for architectural pedagogy." The conference was held on the 11th and 12th of July, 2016 with a publication.

SAC Semester Break

08 July 2016
After the final reviews of the First Year Group and the Master Thesis Group, the school goes on Summer break. The office shall remain closed from 1-9 August. The programme shall recommence on October 17, 2016.
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FYG Goes to Karlsruhe with mark wigley and beatriz colomina

16 May 2016
Accompanied by the guest professors, FYG took a day trip to Karlsruhe to visit the ZKM (Centre for Art and Media)
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Moving Target - The Architectural Project

11 May 2016
Thursday 19:00, Aula: A conversation between SAC Specialisation Leaders: Mirco Becker, Johan Bettum, Holger Hoffmann, Peter Trummer. This event tries to tease out the differences in background, interests and careers of the four specilisation leaders. It is meant to shed light on the differences and commonalities of their respective architectural agendas. In short presentations each panelist will show how their very personal architectural project has changed or remained persistent over the course of their careers. Each presentation is the springboard for a panel discussion. After a full round in the reviews the student body of SAC is invited to further inquire the panel. This format should give insights into what constitutes an architectural project today and how this is reflected in an academic environment like SAC. Read More
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Mark Wigley and Beatriz Colomina return to SAC

09 May 2016
As part of their recurring involvement with the First Year Group, Mark Wigley and Beatriz Colomina conduct a series of seminars from 15-16 May, 2016. At the end of the seminars, Mark Wigley will also give a public lecture as part of the Lecture Series 2016.
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AUD Goes to New York

28 April 2016
The Architecture and Urban Design specialisation goes to New York on a study trip with their Thesis Advisor Peter Trummer. During their time there the students will also visit the architecture departments of the University of Pennsylvania and the Yale School of Architecture.

Application Deadline April 15

21 April 2016
SAC has closed its admission process for the upcoming academic year 2016/17. However, at the discretion of the admission committee, outstanding applications will still be considered until May 15.
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FYG goes to Rome!

14 April 2016
The first year group visits Rome from April 16th to the 23rd. Among other things, the excursion will include guided tours at the Foro Romano and the MAXXI and an exchange at the Sapienza – Università di Roma.
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Summer semester begins!

05 April 2016
SAC recommences the programme in the Summer semester after the Spring holidays, kicking off immediately with reviews of the Master thesis group students
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David Ruy Joins SAC as guest tutor

05 April 2016
We proudly announce the two-semester long Guest Tutorship of David Ruy starting this Summer Semester and lasting until and including the Winter Semester 2016/17.
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Lecture Series 2016

05 April 2016
SAC kicks off the Lecture Series 2016, on Thursday, 7 April with Stefano Corbo. As in the past, our Lecturers this year will include a rich assortments of historians, theoreticians, and practitioners.


04 April 2016
Following 15 productive and successful years as Dean of the SAC, Prof. Ben van Berkel has now decided to move on in order to further develop his teaching commitments at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design.
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10 March 2016
SAC will be closed for Spring Holidays from March 7. The programme shall recommence from April 4.

Trans-Material Diversity

12 February 2016
In Autumn 2016 a large, spatial installation by Guest Prof. Mirco Becker and the APD group will showcase a life-size interior of Trans-Material Diversity.
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APD study trip to London

24 January 2016
The excursion included visiting the Design Research Lab final juries at the Architectural Association, a studio and gallery tour at Zaha Hadid Architects, a research presentation at Foster & Partners Specialist Modelling Group and conversation with ecoLogicStudio.
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Architecture and Aesthetic Practice (AAP) at the FREITAGSKÜCHE

21 January 2016
AAP invites you to a culinary experiment. The second-year specialisation presents a six-course tasting menu featuring eight ingredients at the FREITAGSKÜCHE (Frankfurt). For more information go to the Architecture and Aesthetic Practice specialisation page.

Savinien Caracostea returns to SAC

18 January 2016
As part of the preparations for Städelschule’s Open House Exhibition, Savinien Caracostea will work with the second year group exploring the culinary arts and architecture. The preparations will end in The Feast, a designed, culinary event on February 13.
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23 December 2015
SAC wishes all its collaborators, partners, students and faculty a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! SAC's programme recommences on January 11.


18 December 2015
SAC proudly presents its new website! The site is designed by MESO Web Scapes and tailored for a clear and rich experience of SAC, its educational programmes and institutional life. The site will be updated with new and old material over the coming period.
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Mid-Term Reviews

13 December 2015
SAC completes its mid-term reviews on December 16 and 17 and goes on a seasonal break December 23. Students and faculty return to work January 11.

AAP Tours Forsythe’s The Fact of Matter

02 December 2015
Mario Kramer, the curator of William Forsythe’s ongoing exhibition, The Fact of Matter, at Frankfurt’s Museum of Modern Art, gave SAC’s AAP group a guided tour of the world-renown dancer, choreographer and artist’s work.

AUD in Innsbruck

01 December 2015
The specialisation Architecture and Urban Design goes to Innsbruck to join Peter Trummer and colleagues for workshops. The visit includes students getting acquainted with the Tyrolean landscape in which their final, thesis project will be set.

APD and FYG @ Peter Weibel's 'Exo-Evolution'

27 November 2015
APD and FYG visited the exhibition, 'Globale: Exo-Evolution, at ZKM. The show is curated by Peter Weibel, brings together work of almost 100 artists, scientists, designers and architects and presents a glimpse of a possible future, an exa-universe, enabled by new tools and meta-tools, data and metadata.

Holger Hoffmann joins SAC

01 November 2015
We are proud to announce that Holger Hoffmann has joined SAC's faculty. Holger leads the second-year specialisation, Advanced Architectural Design, and brings an impressive experience to his teaching. He is a professor at University of Wuppertal and co-founder and principal architect at One Fine Day Office for Architectural Design in Düsseldorf.
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01 November 2015
SAC officially kicked off the winter semester. We are welcoming all new students and guest-professor Holger Hoffmann (AAD). We are looking forward to an exciting new academic year!
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31 August 2015
SAC proudly announces the release of the second issue of the SAC Journal, 'Mediated Architecture: Vivid, Effervescent and Nervous'. You can subscribe to our SAC Journal series here!
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Active Borders at Braubachfive

03 July 2015
For the Architecture Summer, Staedelschule Architecture Class First Year Group has worked on developing a critical understanding of the border between Frankfurt and Offenbach. The projects presented are a culmination of a year-long exploration and research on the problem of transitions in architecture. The exhibition will be on display at Galerie BRAUBACHfive from 11th to 27th September, and the official opening will be on the 11th of September at 7:00pm
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01 July 2015
Right after the official end-of-year-programme, SAC's First Year Group traveled to Basel, Switzerland with their professors Mark Wigley and Beatriz Colomina. A side from historic sightseeing, the students visited the archive exhibition of Herzog & de Meuron and the Vitra Museum.


30 June 2015
The academic year closed with an outstanding end-of-year events series. First Year and Master Thesis Year students have shown extraordinary work during four intensive review days, complemented by a striking jury panel. A wonderfully authentic Dean’s Honorary Lecture given by Benedetta Tagliabue crowned the academic events and the BBQ- Summer-Party was just a culmination of an extremely positive year. Thanks to all!
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23 June 2015
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07 May 2015
We are proud to say that the SAC Youtube channel has just been mentioned in an article by ArchDaily as one of the top places to watch architectural lectures online!
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27 April 2015
SAC proudly announces it’s Lecture Series Programme for the Summer Semester 2015!


02 April 2015
SAC’s First Year Group ended an exciting mid-term review conducted by SAC faculty last week. The Master Thesis Group is looking forward to have its mid-term review sessions next week April 4 and 5.
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23 January 2015
Last year's AAD graduate Sophia Passberger has been mentioned in Wallpaper* magazine's Graduate Directory 2015 as one of 'the world's hottest new talents in architecture' of this year!


30 October 2014
Vasily Sitnikov, graduate of the specialisation Architecture and Performative Design, has made it to the final round of 4 out of 70 entries for the TexFab competition. He will have the opportunity to develop his casting system further. Congratulations!
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"Lichtwesen in Frankfurt" at 'Fundstücke'-section in the eMagazine 'german-architects'

03 April 2014
The installation Orkhēstra, still showing up at the Luminale 2014, is currently mentioned in the 'Fundstücke'-section in the eMagazine 'german-architects'.
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Preliminary Report of LUMINALE 2014

04 March 2014
With this year's theme of ‘Explore Technology for Life – the best energy is the energy that is not consumed,’ the Light+Building Fair at the Messe Frankfurt, the energy revolution is emphasised. Städelschule participates by animating the Rossmarkt square in the city with an amorphous luminous caterpillar in the 'Luminale,' the biennale of light art, parallel to Light+Building. Guided tours in the 40,000 m² of exhibition space are provided by