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the admission process FOR THE ACADMEIC YEAR 2020-21 HAS ENDED. we do not accept further applications.

Master Degree

Upon the completion of the two-year programme, the students are awarded with a post-professional Master Degree with the title, “Master of Arts in Architecture.” 

The master degree is non-consecutive and postgraduate. Therefore it does not automatically give the graduates a professional qualification with respect to national or state requirements. Since the requirements for academic training for a professional qualification varies from country to country and state to state, applicants are encouraged to consult the appropriate architectural authorities in the relevant country or state.

Applicants with a bachelor degree comprised of six semesters (eg., in Germany a three-year programme) shall consider that due to the experimental and postgraduate nature of the programme, their degree obtained at SAC after graduation will not qualify for registering with the respective chambers of architects in German states.

Career Prospects

Given its relatively small size, SAC has a very good record in seeing its graduates being employed in successful architectural offices around the world (i.e. Foster & Partners, Schneider+Schumacher, Hadid Architects, UNStudio, Erick van Egeerat, OMA, Herzog & de Meuron, Coop Himmelb(l)au, etc.). Some graduates have embarked on academic careers or set up their own architectural practices. Others have established international careers within the arts or related fields. SAC’s alumni provide a far-reaching professional network throughout the world of high-class architectural practices.

Upon completion of their studies, SAC graduates have permission to stay in Germany and seek employment for 18 months after graduation. After this period, the permission to stay in Germany depends on the employment.

​ELIGIBILITY and Entry Requirements

To qualify for studying at SAC, the candidate must have a minimum of a bachelor degree in architecture (minimum six semesters bachelor degree). Candidates with alternative academic backgrounds can be considered at the discretion of the admissions committee. This includes candidates with a corresponding or related bachelor degree issued by a nationally recognised university - such as in the arts, structural engineering or a design field related to architecture.

Additionally, applicants must have relevant work experience not less than one year. The required work experience can be made up of internships, summer jobs and/ or part-time work, but must have been acquired after the bachelor degree. Candidates with degrees other than in architecture must have corresponding work experience in their field.

It is to the advantage of prospective students to know digital modelling with, for instance, Rhino, Grasshopper, 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, ZBrush, or FormZ. Candidates are expected to master a software programme for standard architectural drafting and technical drawing.

Applying to SAC

The candidacy of an applicant is evaluated on the basis of the portfolio submitted via email or as a hard copy, no larger than A4, and a maximum of 20 double-spread pages (40 single pages). If the nature of the work submitted so requires, additional information can be provided on a CD/DVD. 

The portfolio should document all relevant work including academic final year projects as well as relevant professional work. The portfolio should present the candidate’s design skills and personal/theoretical approach to architecture. In group projects, whether academic or professional, the portfolio must clearly state what the candidate’s contribution to the work was.


The official language of the programme is English. A certificate showing fluency in English (TOEFL, IELTS etc.) is not required by the Städelschule but may prove helpful with respect to the German authorities and the visa application. The Städelschule does not provide English or German language courses.

Application process

Each year SAC receives a large number of applications from all over the world. Applicants passing the initial screening are invited to an interview either in person or via an Internet conference call (for instance, via Skype). SAC is currently accepting between 30 and 40 students per academic year. Applicants will be informed of their results individually, usually four weeks after the interview, and the latest at the end of May or beginning of June 2020.

Application Deadlines

The official period for applying to SAC for the acadmeic year 2020-21 has ended.

However, the admissions committee will at its own discretion continue to consider applications from excellent candidates to the programme.

This means that applications from candidates with outstanding portfolios and credentials are still welcome.

Academic Year

The academic year 2020/21 starts November 2, 2020 and ends on July 9, 2021. 

It is not possible to join the programme at any other time than in October each year. Due to the programme structure, guest- and exchange students are as a rule not permitted.


The tuition fees for the academic year 2020/21 are €5,000.00, payable per semester. For students starting their studies in winter semester 2020-21 the tuition fee for the complete Postgraduate Master of Arts in Architecture programme therefore is: €20,000.00, excluding registration fee, transportation ticket fee, social contribution fee and accident insurance fee.

Additional expenses, such as administrative fees and living costs shall be considered. For details, please download our SAC Information 2020/21 sheet, which is available on this page.

Application Fees

There is no application fee. However, if the applicant were accepted to the programme, a deposit in the amount of € 1.000,00 has to be paid to the account of Städelschule in order to secure the place on the programme. This sum will be deducted from the student’s tuition fees but is non-refundable in case the applicant does not commence the study.

The deadlines for the deposit payment will be announced in the admission letters (usually the deposit has to be paid within one month after admission). 

Applicants who are admitted to the programme but miss the deadline for paying the deposit, lose their position in the admissions process and risk their place on the programme.

Scholarships and Accommodation

Unfortunately, SAC does not offer a scholarship programme. With success previous students have applied to, for instance, the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD ( for funding.

SAC can support applicants with a letter stating their admissions status.

Please also note that accommodation is not offered by SAC. However, addresses and recommendations for the searching for an apartment are listed in the FAQ section on SAC’s website:

Visa Information

Generally, SAC recommends all accepted applicants to immediately apply for a student visa to enter Germany. Recent experience has shown that the time needed to get an appointment at embassies or consulates for visa purposes and, likewise, for an application to be processed has greatly increased.

This is particularly true at the German Embassy in Tehran, Iran, and the General Consulate in Mumbai, India.

Therefore, SAC recommends applicants to inform themselves about current waiting periods and organise a registration for a visa appointment at the German embassy or consulate as early as possible. The visa procedure may take up to  3-4 months after the first appointment. 

Applicants are required to check with the German embassy in their respective country regarding the precise procedure for obtaining the student visa and what documents are required. The list below is not complete but gives an indication of what is needed:

For a visa, please hand in your application with all the necessary documents at least four months before the date on which you plan to come to Germany. Fill in the entire application form in duplicate. Hand in the application form with all the necessary supporting documents in a duplicate set at the embassy or consulate.

The documents you will need in order to apply for student visa are:

◦ A valid passport and two passport photos.

◦ Certificates of school examinations qualifying you to study at a university in Germany. (Certificates of university examinations, diplomas, etc.)

◦ Proof that you can pay for all the costs of your study in Germany. 

◦ Letter confirming your university admission.

◦ ​German Blocked Account information (Blocked Accounts for international students are only offered by Deutsche Bank or Fintiba).

Health Insurance

A valid health insurance is obligatory when studying in Germany. Applicants from non-EU states must show a health insurance certificate within the first four weeks after the commencement of their studies. For more detailed information, please download the “Health Insurance Fact Sheet” on our website. 


For further information please read Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us.

Please make sure to check our website regularly for news regarding our programme.

News and changes to the application process will be posted on the website.

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    ◦    Completed Application Form (download link below )
    ◦    Portfolio (no la
rger than A4. We are unable to return these to applicants)
    ◦    A letter of motivation (500 words max.) stating your interest in
​          architecture and the programme of SAC
    ◦    Curriculum Vitae (CV) 
    ◦    Translated diploma(s) and transcript(s)
    ◦    Two letters of recommendation (1 professional / 1 academic)

It is the applicant's responsibility to make certain all materials are submitted.
Incomplete applications will not be considered.
​All documents become the property of the school and cannot be returned.


Please send the application documents to:


In case you have further questions, please contact :