Benefitting from its unique setting in the art academy, Städelschule, SAC sees its experimental approach to architecture both as a privilege and disciplinary obligation. In its disciplinary pursuit, the programme situates architecture in a wider social and political context while problematising contemporary cultural problems. SAC’s master programme is highly international, reflected in both faculty and student profiles, and exclusively conducted in English. Over the last three years, more than sixty students from about 20 different countries have at any time pursued their studies in the two-year programme.

Based on the artistic platform supplied by the Städelschule and the rigorous methodology structuring contemporary architectural design, the programme is formulated as a new and innovative approach to the practice of architecture. Work at SAC pursues design problems within a small sub-set of thematic contexts which at any time are defined by the Master Thesis Studios. Each Master Thesis Studio is led by an appointed professor, guest professor or thesis advisor. Reflecting the overall programme of the school, these studios operate autonomously but reflect the culture of the art academy and SAC’s disciplinary concerns. The respective academic and experimental agendas of the Master Thesis Studios complement one another and contribute to a vital and dynamic educational programme. The complementarity of the studio programmes engenders a productive in-house exchange and discourse for the benefit of the students and the development of the experiments and projects undertaken.

While deeply rooted in the discipline of architecture, SAC benefits from the arts’ profound commitment to critical speculation and innovation. Drawing on the small school’s distinct qualities and dynamics, SAC is situated at the cusp between the critical and innovative forces of art and architecture. Through its experimental research and the excellence of its students and graduates, the programme continuously explores disciplinary specific problems and the status of architecture within contemporary society.

SAC PROGRAMME & FacultY line-up 2018-19

SAC proudly announces its faculty line-up for the academic year 2018-19. The three Master Thesis Studios are led by: Peter Trummer - Architecture and Urban Design; Theodore Spyropoulos of Minimaforms - Advanced Architectural Design; and Johan Bettum - Architecture and Aesthetic Practice.

Yara Feghali has joined SAC as studio teacher and researcher. Yara leads the studio for the group of first semester students, and her design studio will be accompanied by techncial workshops and theory seminars. She also joins Bettum to teach in Architecture and Aesthetic Practice.

Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley return to teach history and theory for first year students, and Daniel Birnbaum offers seminars in theory and philosophy.

Hélène Frichot also returns to Frankfurt. While being Associate Professor at the KTH School of Architecture, Stockholm, Hélène offers a series of seminars to students in the Master Thesis Studios and will guide them towards the completion of their written submission for their final degree.

During the winter semester, SAC also hosts a small number of visitors who will give lectures and/or seminars on select topics. First ones out before the seasonal break in December are the partners, Devyn Weiser and Peter Testa, who will entertain Master Thesis students for four days. Shortly after, Daniel Norell returns to offer a workshop to the First Semester Group after having been at SAC last year to give a guest lecture and participate in reviews. For the complete visitors programme during the winter semester, see here.

SAC Journal

The SAC Journal is a periodical that documents and critically reviews projects and theoretical discussions within contemporary, architectural design culture. The projects and texts published relate to the ongoing interests and ambitions of SAC. The publication series attempts to contribute to the discipline of architecture on a critical and discursive level. Read More

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All news

Katakombe - Alumni event

06 December 2018
Katakombe is an evening event organised by alumni of the Städelschule Architecture Class, inspired by the format of a Salon Talk and an old but lost tradition at the Städelschule to meet professionals, scholars, students and friends to have an interdisciplinary discourse about current work.
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Technical Modelling / VR Workshop

27 November 2018
This modelling workshop investigates the ambiguous relationship between designers' bodily movements in physical space when making figures in the digital, immersive space of virtual reality. The workshop is given by our teacher and research associate Yara Feghali.

Damjan Jovanovic, SAC 2014

Appointed for Design Faculty at Sci-Arc, Los Angeles

21 November 2018
A graduate of SAC, tutor and research associate at SAC is appointed for the Design Faculty at SCI-Arc, Los Angeles. He finished his Master of Arts in Architecture degree at the Städelschule with a thesis that won the AIV Master Thesis Prize in 2014. His interests lie with computational design and his work explores relations between the computational medium and aesthetics.


09 November 2018
SAC First Semester Group was working with Sebastian Stöhrer and Stefan Wieland, experimenting with clay in the first part of the workshop, while the second part was dedicated to material-experimentation.
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SAC Graduation – Class of 2018

09 November 2018
We congratulate all graduates on successfully completing their studies at SAC! The graduation ceremony was held on 19th of October where the graduates received their diplomas, followed by the award ceremony for the AIV Master Thesis Prize, a joint dinner and a party hosted by the new students of SAC. The graduation speech was held by Theodore Spyropoulos, the Director of the Architectural Association’s Design Research Lab (AADRL) in London and Professor for AAD at SAC. Photo © Prashant Chavan

Günther Bock Prize - Award Ceremony

06 November 2018
On October 29, the Nassauische Heimstaette, sponsor of the Günter Bock Prize, invited the recipients Soonam Lee and André Zakhia to an award ceremony in Frankfurt. The event included an exchange and get-together with architecture students of the TU Darmstadt who received the Ernst-May-Prize 2018. Congratulations!
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SAC Journal 4 is OUT

Culinary Lessons: The Space of Food

04 November 2018
SAC Journal 4: Culinary Lessons - The Space of Food has been released. The issue features extensive documentation of the programme, Culinary Lessons, which ran at SAC for two years. In addition it includes a number of essays on topics related to food, art and architecture by invited guests. For subscription to our Journal visit AADR.info.
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LECTURE SERIES Winter Semester 2018-19

2 November 2018 - 8 February 2019
SAC proudly presents its visitors programme for the winter semester. The guests will offer workshops or seminars to SAC students and some also public lectures.