academic programme

The Städelschule Architecure Class (SAC) comprises of an academic programme which focuses exclusively on architectural design through research and innovative experiments. The programme aims to contribute to the development of architecture as a discipline through projects, research and the education of its students.

Through research and projects undertaken under the guidance of faculty members as well as through students' thesis projects, SAC pursues innovation and excellence in disciplinary terms and in wider cultural and social contexts within which the work is set.

The work undertaken at the Städelschule Architecture Class (SAC) is in its entirety set within the annual, academic and pedagogical programme. This consists of two sub-programmes:

Within these two programmes, students are introduced to the discursive and conceptual framework that make up contemporary architectural design. Moreover, they are trained to engage with architecture equipped with advanced, contemporary design techniques and methodologies. The MA programme seeks to enable each student to develop clearly defined interests within the field and articulate themselves with original concepts and project work. The AARP programme invites its students to develop individual research interests in close collaboration with SAC faculty members.