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29 October 2015 Städelschule Lichthalle

SAC and its second year group, Architecture and Aesthetic Practice, in collaboration with AtelierSlice (Stockholm/New York) and Genießerakademie (Frankfurt), invites to The Feast. The Feast is a year-long experimental investigation into the relations between architecture, art and culinary practice. The project explores opportunities for innovation in the making of tomorrow. Its Prolegomenon - From Peelings to Core was an introductory, public event at the Städelschule.
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​The Feast enquires into culinary art and its radical and sometimes innovative transformation of matter for choreographed and carefully sequenced experiences in order to transpose lessons from the experiments into new opportunities for architectural design.

To kick off the experimental programme, SAC and its collaborators invites to The Feast: Prolegomenon - From Peelings to Core, an evening with food and talk about food, architecture and art. Dorothy Hamilton, founder and CEO of the International Culinary Center (ICC), and Sayan Isaksson, founder of and chef at the Michelin-starred restaurant, Esperanto, in Stockholm, are main guests. They join AtelierSlice’s Jan Åman and Savinien Caracostea, Fabian Lange of the Genießerakademie, and Städelschule’s Daniel Birnbaum and Johan Bettum to discuss the history of food and cooking in architecture and the arts, the role of cooking and chefs in the 21st century and how the disciplines engage with innovation and innovations role in forming the future.

For the event, Sayan Isaksson will have prepared soup that will be served; Savinien Caracostea, who has a degree in Pastry Arts from the International Culinary Center in NYC, will serve pastry; and there will be tastes of wine chosen by Fabian Lange.


Dorothy Cann Hamilton is founder and CEO of the International Culinary Center (ICC). She is one of the most respected culinary leaders in the world today. She is the president of the USA pavilion at the 2015 World Expo in Milan and served as the former president of  the James Beard Foundation, one of the most prestigious culinary foundations in the USA. Hamilton is an author and creator and host of Chef’s Story, a weekly radio program on the Heritage Radio Network and a 26-part television series on PBS.

Sayan Isaksson is the renown founder of and chef at the restaurant, Esperanto, in Stockholm. The restaurant has one Michelin star and was selected best restaurant in Sweden in both 2013 and -14.

Tobias Rehberger, professor for sculpture at Städelschule since 2001, produces work of great artistic complexity and intimacy with design. The production flirts with the contemporary status of objects, space, commodification and innovation. Yet, for all its extravagance, humor and disciplinary ambiguity, Rehberger's work reflects his own clear identification as an artist.

More about The Feast:

The one-year long experimental project, The Feast, engages with culinary art as the inventive planning and production for human nutrition, sustenance and pleasure. The aim of the project is to deliver a vast research and educational experience for architectural design and present the results in select public media and events.

Preparations for The Feast comprises in-depth research and architectural design experiments based on basic lessons as well as cutting edge strategies for innovation in the culinary arts. The Feast abstracts and explores architects’ creative work process and goal oriented planning by shifting the attention to the ephemeral production of a dinner party.  By unfolding the traditional elements that constitute a holistic dining experience - food, service, atmosphere - and understanding their temporality, the research and experiments will seek to establish a new framework for creating sequenced composition, choreography and effects for architectural design.

In the second, summer semester 2016 the lessons and experimental results had from The Feast will be transposed to architecture and comprise the basis for the respective students’ conceptualisation, development and design of a culinary social centre for one of the many cultural institutions in Frankfurt am Main.

Architecture and Aesthetic Practice is led by professors Daniel Birnbaum and Johan Bettum. The Feast is undertaken in collaboration with Jan Åman and Savinien Caracostea of AtelierSlice (Stockholm/New York), Fabian Lange of the Genießerakademie (Frankfurt) and Städelschule’s cook, Hocine Bouhlou. Further specialists from the local and international kitchen and restaurant scene as well as Städelschule professor and artist, Tobias Rehberger, are invited.

The Feast: Prolegomenon - From Peelings to Core is generously supported by Städelschule Portikus e.V.