The Architecture of Sugar

The Architecture of Sugar

28 November - 1 December 2017 Städelschule Lichthalle

The Städelschule Architecture Class invites to a workshop, The Architecture of Sugar, dedicated to the culinary art of sculpting with this sweet, crystal substance. The workshop is led by Rolf Stålberg, an architect and specialist in the sugar craft and by Charlotte Birnbaum, a culinary historian and publisher of a series of books on various food and related topics. 

The workshop takes place over four days and culminates with a small event where a jury will select the best creation amongst the work exhibited. At the closing event, Friday, Dec. 1, 17:00-19:00, Stålberg and Birnbaum and a few other guests will convene to address the sweet wonders of this world.

The Architecture of Sugar is the final event and “dessert” in the Städelschule Architecture Class’ two-year long project, Culinary Lessons, which has explored the culinary world in relation to architecture and the arts.

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