Sanford Kwinter in Conversation with Daniel Birnbaum and Johan Bettum

03 June 2017 15:00 pm - Städelschule Aula

Art and Architecture in the Age of Virtual and Augmented Reality

In conversation with Städelschule professors Daniel Birnbaum and Johan Bettum, Sanford Kwinter - world renown architectural theorist, writer, and editor - will probe the emerging realm of virtual and augmented realities in the arts and architecture. The conversation will draw on histories in 20th century art and architecture and Kwinter’s recent interest in the human senses to situate and question the trajectories of these new realities with respect to human experience. Using the ongoing exploration of Marcel Duchamp’s The Large Glass (1915-23) and other experimental endeavours in virtual and augmented reality undertaken in the Städelschule Architecture Class, the conversation enquires into various aspects of this realm, including the status of digital image production and its implications for our spatial existence.