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13 February - 15 November 2015 09:00 am - SAC, Dürerstrasse 24

RUNDGANG is the annual exhibition of students work of Städelschule Arts Department and the Architecture Class. SAC' programme includes exhibition of student work and installations as well as guided tours and more.

As in previous years, SAC’s exhibitions and installations occupy the room, I9, in the building of the art department of the Städelschule and the entirety of SAC’s home address, Dürerstrasse 24, at the corner of Dürerstrasse and Gartenstrasse/Otto-Hahn Platz.The exhibition comprises the results of ongoing research and experiments within SAC and shows the wide variety of investigations into architecture and its architectural design practice.

Master Thesis Group: Architecture and Aesthetic Practice (AAP) 

Location: Crypt (basement) and ground floor, Dürerstraße 24 

The work presented by AAP is an extract of a collaborative project during the winter semester with Prof. Heiner Goebbels and his Institute for Applied Theatre Studies (ATW) at the Justus-Liebig University, Gießen.

ON LIGHT has been a semester-long exploration of light as a space, choreographic impulse, idea and fact. Students of ATW and SAC have probed the conceptual and practical limits of light to inform the space that we inhabit and enact our lives. ON LIGHT presents the results that span from choreographic episodes to installations that deform our perception of irradiated spaces. Each work presents its own pulse, reflecting the physics of light and the existential drama that its presence or absence implies.

Master Thesis Group: Architecture and Urban Design (AUD)

“Weird Urbanism"
Location: first floor, Dürerstrasse 24

Within the contemporary City, or better within today’s urbanisation, a new kind of architectural object emerges. This is an object which looks like a building, has all the features needed to function as a building; it belongs to our city or even produces it, but is totally empty or hardly occupied. The city produces a new kind of architectural object, a zombie building, which in the first time of our history of human settlement defines a post-human urbanism, an urbanism not for people but only for architecture. Due to a new wealth for the world population after the fall of the wall and the wave of capitalism that swept over countries like China, India, Russia and many more former communist countries, the world’s capital produced from the 18th century until 2004 has doubled within one decade. This tremendous increase of money has led to an architecture whereby the money has been stored in buildings without expecting these to benefit any tenant, but just allow the investment to grow through the pure increase of the building’s value within the natural growth of real estate. The main side effect of this is large metropolitan areas. One of these is New York. The design research specialisation will search to give form to such kind of architectural typologies.

First Year Group (FYG)

Location: 2nd and 3rd floor, Dürerstraße 24

SAC's First Year Group (FYG) presents a series of physical, ‘computational objects’ in response to the overall semester theme - “Transitions”. Working in the dual fields of material and digital computation, students are exploring the relation between materials and algorithms and possible architectural implications of their methodological investigations.
In addition, students of FYG will make an installation produced from discarded Christmas trees, exhibited in the courtyard of the Städelschule.

Master Thesis Group: Advanced Architectural Design (AAD)

“De-Coding Amsterdam”
Location: I9, Dürerstrasse 10

The second-year specialisation AAD shows research results with the title, "De - Coding Amsterdam". Students have investigated phenomena of urban systems and their effects on the built and lived environment. Based on a detailed analysis of spatial, infrastructural, social, cultural and economic influences on the city of Amsterdam, critical questions are asked in regards to potentials of urban redevelopment. The exhibition presents a variety of impressions and analyses of the city in a large-scale video projection that makes an unconventional reading of the city possible, beyond well-known stereotypes. By using overlays of projections, and taking into account diverse media and information, the exhibition addresses the development of possible design strategies in relation to various dependencies within the ecosystem "city", its architecture and inhabitants. The exhibited group work documents the basic research concept for the design of a large-scale housing project for Amsterdam in the coming semester.

Master Thesis Group: Architecture and Performative Design (APD)

“Trans-Scalar Diversity”
Location: ground floor, Dürerstraße 24

This year APD works on broadening the repertoire of digital design. In nature one finds a wide variety of forms at every scale. Be it the overall shape of a plant or its cellular arrangement, at each stage nature exhibits its wide diversity of forms and structures. In contemporary architecture such a spectrum of extreme articulation across all scales cannot be found. APD’s ambition is to find means to transfer this richness into methods for digital design. As part of this endeavour, VOID is a research project conducted in collaboration with HENN Architekten. It studies the spatial typology of voids in high-rise buildings and looks closely at atria and void spaces in built projects. The question is: "How do these empty spaces contribute to the quality of the building? A series of representational models focus on these voids. The results of this study along with the studies on trans-scalar diversity contribute to the design development of APD high-rise proposals of which first impressions will also be shown during Rundgang 2015. 

Public Tours

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Every hour there will be shown a video installation about “Life at SAC” on the first floor, Dürerstrasse 24.

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