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14-16. February 2014

The Städelschule Rundgang is the school's 'Open House Exhibition'. Rundgang is the major upcoming event in the Städelschule in 2014. SAC will exhibit the work of its students and host events.




A Pattern Wall (Platform Sarai, Schweizerstr. 23)

The typology of the “Wall” is researched and exhibited under the title “A Pattern Wall.” The basis of the works is an intensive investigation of the meaning of the “Wall” as a paradoxical element in architecture: it divides the Inside from the Outside, indicating Protection yet Constraint. The proposals integrate spaces, activities and experiences and articulate them without the use of architectonic elements such as slabs, columns, beams or roofs. Behind every wall-concept is a multitude of theoretical and practical considerations, which the students have carried in an experimental design process. The projects are presented as large-scale physical inhabitable “Walls” created by the students in six groups. (tutor : Anton Savov, Ata Mansuroglu, Christian Karl)


Advanced Architectural Design : Living Formation (SAC, Duererstr. 24)

The Work of the students focusses on the topic “Living Formations”. The group investigates phenomena of natural and artificial formation systems and the interdependencies with their specific environments, as for example the ecosystem of a coral reef. The goal defined is to make visible that form is not to be understood as an idealized object, but rather as a result of an emerging formation process. The students present in parallel research and strategies for the ecosystem of the city. Here the relationships of inhabitants and habitat, building and context stand central. The research work forms the base for a large scale residential project in London later in the study year. (tutor : Christian Veddeler)

Architecture and Performative Design : Digital Bodies (I9, Städelschule)

Digital Bodies first shown at the Städelschule Rundgang 2014. The work strives to gain insight into form, aesthetics and geometry by digitally dissecting a scan of the sculpture Maria Immaculata by Matthias Steinl, 1688. The original sculpture resides in the Liebieghaus sculpture collection who kindly supported this project. The work is digitally altered by correlating quantitative analytics with generative design strategies. The result is presented in a series of rapid prototypes and silk-screen prints. (tutor : Mirco Becker)

Architecture and Critical Aesthetic Practice : The Garden State - Cinematic Space, Choreographic Time (SAC, Duererstr. 24)

The students explore architecture in relation to the arts both on a theoretical and on a practical level. They pursue a critical discussion of architecture under the theme "Cinematic Space - Choreographic Time," in context of the garden and its premises. The results of the collaboration that took place in January with the dance group Mamaza's Garden State, installed in the Mousonturm, are presented. (tutor : Johan Bettum and Daniel Birnbaum)