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07 May 2007

The Architecture Class of the Städelschule in Frankfurt (Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste) is a Post-Graduate Master of Arts Programme in Advanced Architectural Design. The Architecture Class offers one of the most advanced international training programmes in the field. Led by its dean, Ben van Berkel, and Johan Bettum, the Architectural Class provides a focused setting for research and experiments in contemporary issues in architectural design.

Based on the artistic platform supplied by the Städelschule and the rigorous methodology structuring contemporary architectural design, the programme is formulated as a new and innovative approach to the practice of architecture. Research and design are conducted through the fusion of academic and experimental investigations with professional concerns for efficiency, including forms of material, technological and economic optimisation. The programme probes the status of architectural design as a body of specific intelligence and seeks to imbed this within a larger, contemporary socio-economic and cultural context through the frontier of academic and professional concerns.