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Sebastian Stöhrer and Stefan Wieland are both accomplished artists from the Städelschule who have had numerous exhitibitions both in Germany and abroad. Since 2012, Sebastian and Stefan have been conducting sculpture workshops with the First Year Group. This works as an introduction to the craft of model making for the students dealing with multiple materials, such as clay, card board, and styrofoam among others. The scultupres are then utilised to incite the creative spirit of the students and expose their formal interests. The workshop also deals with multiple contexts of the designed objects, exploring a full range of possibilities from free standing objects to large scale indoor and outdoor installations. It also encourages the students to explore ways of documenting their projects in pictures, drawings and short films and animations. After the workshop these objects serve to further the individual, formal investigations of each student through digital modeling and drawing strategies.

Sebastian Stöhrer studied at the Städelschule with Prof. Bayrle. He is primarily a sculptor and also the instructor and the head of the wood workshop at the Städelschule. Recent exhibitions include: ‘Life Itself’ at Moderna Museet, Stockholm, ‘Sublime Bastards’ at Avlskarl Gallery, Copenhagen and ‘Sebastian Stöhrer’ at Carl Freedman Gallery, London.

Stefan Wieland is a sculptor and a painter. He also designs and builds his own unique collection of lamps which can be found at