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30 April 2015 Städelschule Aula

Holger Hoffmann is an architect and partner at one fine day office for architectural design, Düsseldorf. He also holds a professorship for Techniques of Representation and Design at the University of Wuppertal, Germany. 

Hoffmann previously worked at UNStudio, Amsterdam, and with Bolles+Wilson, Münster. Before studying architecture he was trained as a mason. He received his professional degree in architecture from Münster School of Architecture before joining SAC for his postgraduate study. After graduating from SAC, Hoffmann went on to have impressive professional and academic careers. The work of his office, one fine day, can often be traced back to Hoffmann’s earlier, erudite body of research in these professional and academic settings. The projects frequently embody his interest in building typology as much as, of recently, what he refers to as ‘parametric regionalism’.

Hoffmanns lecture at SAC is part of the sub-series, Stiftung Städelschule für Baukunst Lectures.