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29 October 2016 19:00 pm - Santa Maria della Misericordia, Cannaregio, Venice

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Conviviumepulum is a performance around and about food. Conviviumepulum stages the city, and culinary experts and specialists from related fields - including artists, architects and designers - to personally narrate their preparation of a dish, its origins and the experience of sharing it.

Conviviumepulum, Latin for “living together” and “public celebration,” brings together Venetians and guests to prepare various dishes for a culinary-discursive evening. Against the backdrop of Venice’s history, Conviviumepulum seeks to meld foreign and local traditions, cooking by recipe or improvised, and performing art. Taking place in Venice, Conviviumepulum is about Venice and Venetian cuisine. Conviviumepulum is a choreographed food‐performance which addresses questions on production channels and local, nutritional resources. It enquires into how food determines our aesthetic, socio-cultural and historical identity. The performance is about living together, hospitality and conversation.

Together with the participants in this event we hope to explore the subtle relationship between the city, what is on the table, and how we relate to and consume it within the collective of our get-together. We wish to feel the energy of the history that brings us the culinary experience, sense the reverberation of the social, cultural and economical dimensions of what we put into our bodies. And we want to understand a little about how and why it is like it is, what ingredients and transformations the food and the beverage have been subjected to on its way to and through the kitchen - not in form of recipes, but as pieces of personal and cultural narratives.

The meal is a closed event hosting participants and guests, and may total 45 people around the table.

For more information visit https://www.goethe.de/ins/it/it/kul/sup/arc/cov.html