Claudia pasquero


CLAUDIA PASQUERO: BioCity: On the Implication of Bio-Computation in Architecture and Urban Design

04 May 2016 19:00 pm - Städelschule Aula

Claudia Pasquero is the director of ecoLogicStudio, an architectural and urban design practice specialising in environmental design, urban self-sufficiency and building integrated nature. She is also director of the Urban Morphogenesis Lab at The Bartlett UCL in London and Senior Staff at IAAC in Barcelona.

In her lecture she will propose a model and a design method to articulate the behaviour of the Urbansphere and propose new terms for its sustainable co-evolution with the Biosphere. This model responds to principles of biologic self-organisation, and operates by embedding numerical/computational engines onto spatial/morphological substrata.

Claudia’s thesis derives from the following urgencies: According to the Global Footprint Network the Earth Overshoot Day lands on August 13th; in less than 8 months. Humanity has therefore exhausted Earth's budget for the year. For the remaining days we will maintain our ecological deficit by drawing down local resource stocks and accumulating carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, in other words, we will be operating in overshoot. This is made possible by the existence of what is called Urbansphere, the global apparatus of contemporary urbanity, a dense network of informational, material and energetic infrastructures that sustain our increasingly demanding metabolism while offsetting the fluctuations and deficiencies of the natural Biosphere in providing the required levels of resources in the right place at the right time.

Claudia Pasquero is an Adapt-r (Architecture, Design and Art Practice Training-research) fellow investigating the relevance of bio-computation in architecture and urban design at the Tallinn School of Architecture. She holds a degree in engineering from Turin Polytechnic and a MA from the AA in London. She has been studio master at the AA and at Cornell University among others. Her work has been exhibited multiple times at the Venice Architecture Biennale, and is part of collections such as the FRAC in Orleans and ZKM Karlsruhe. As director of ecoLogicStudio she has recently completed the Urban Algae Folly, a pavilion for Expo Milano 2015. She is co-author of “Systemic Architecture: operating manual for the self-organizing city” by Routledge.